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Software Update Wizard Review : After 9 Years Use

"We are a company founded in 1998 and mainly develop an application for a specific industry.Click here to visit DocuCall!

With our application we are the market leader in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We release about 2 updates per month for our software.

We bought the Software Update Wizard 2010 after testing different vendors.

The implementation was a piece of cake. After 60 minutes we were able to roll out our first update.

9 years later (I am writing this review in 2019) we are still using the Software Update Wizard. The SUW has proven to be robust and reliable.

Releasing an update for our application is really very easy and always works without any problems.

I can't say much about the support. Why? In the 9 years we only had to use the support twice. But we always got a very quick response with answers that showed that the supporter had actually dealt with our problem. No predefined answers, as so often.

I can recommend the Software Update Wizard 100%."

Ralf Müller (Senior Software Developer)

GesMIT mbH


The Software Update Wizard comes with comprehensive documentation on all its features.  Please click here to read the developer help file on line.


The Software Update Wizard is simple to integrate with most development environments and languages.  Click here for a fast start to integration.

A Quick Example:

Here is an example of how a developer would use the Software Update Wizard to deploy a new version of their software.

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