About PowerProgrammer
Auto-updates with 1 line of code!

PowerProgrammer is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Data Perceptions, a UK software development company.

Data Perceptions has been operating since 1998 and is the developer of Prophecy, a multi-user sales forecasting software solution used world-wide by corporates for sales forecasting, analysis and business planning.

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The first version of The Software Update Wizard was developed to support automatic updates over the internet for our sales forecasting software customers.  It launched as a separate product, as its capabilities expanded, allowing other developers to easily add ‘update over the net’ functionality to their applications.

The PowerProgrammer ‘brand’ was created to distinguish software aimed at helping developers from software aimed at sales forecasting software audiences. 

The Software Update Wizard was first released in 2003 and is currently delivering automatic updates to thousands of computers across the world for hundreds of software companies.

Development and support of The Software Update Wizard continues to be provided by the original developer, Peter Boulton. The objectives of PowerProgrammer are:

To continue to provide useful, affordable and easy to integrate developer software to our customers.
  To put as much effort into the documentation as the software!
To provide comprehensive, responsive and timely support to our users.


The Software Update Wizard comes with comprehensive documentation on all its features.  Please click here to read the developer help file on line.


The Software Update Wizard is simple to integrate with most development environments and languages.  Click here for a fast start to integration.

A Quick Example:

Here is an example of how a developer would use the Software Update Wizard to deploy a new version of their software.

The Software Update Wizard - delivering automatic updates since 2002!

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