SuperLogging Mode

SuperLogging mode is a special debugging mode which you can use to test or investigate the behaviour of your Software Update Wizard scripts.  It writes a 'verbose' level of detail to the WebUpdateSvc4.log file, instead of the normal, mode concise data.

You can switch SuperLogging on in the WebUpdateSvc4.ini file, by setting the SuperLogging entry to 'Y'.  (Note: the entry is case-sensitive.)

The WebUpdateSvc4.log is at ‘C:\WINDOWS\system32\WebUpdateSvc4.log’ and the WebUpdateSvc4.ini is at ‘C:\WINDOWS\WebUpdateSvc4.ini’ in the default installation.

Here is the difference between standard logging and SuperLogging. 

Standard logging..

And here is the same update with SuperLogging turned on:

SuperLogging on..

You will find SuperLogging helpful either for debugging your own update scripts or if you find that you require support from PowerProgrammer.